Strategically manage risk and create a safety culture

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When safety becomes a fundamental value, it transforms your workplace. It influences behaviours, shapes policies, and cultivates an environment of mutual care and respect among all employees. It involves surpassing mere legal compliance and adopting a culture where safety takes precedence in the minds of every employee, from top executives to frontline workers.

For us, safety isn’t just a requirement – it’s a catalyst for operational excellence, innovation, and employee satisfaction. As part of our commitment to enhancing workplace safety, we offer the NEBOSH course, a comprehensive training designed to elevate safety standards and ensure deep understanding of best practices in health and safety.

Join us in making safety a priority and see the positive impact it brings to your organisation. We offer a range of services to support our clients in evolving from mere compliance with work health and safety obligations to fostering a culture of safety commitment throughout their organization.

Our Courses - In Partnership With Astutis Ltd

We strive to enhance workplace safety for clients and their employees globally. Whether you’re tasked with health & safety or environmental management or seeking career advancement through our NEBOSH course, our courses, offered in partnership with Astutis, cover key certifications including NEBOSH, IOSH, and IEMA. Specifically, our managing safely program is designed to provide comprehensive training in workplace safety, effectively reducing workplace harms through quality education, globally!

NEBOSH course IOSH course IEMA course

A thriving, healthy workplace

FRISK Miljöpartner enables organisations to realise their vision of a thriving, healthy workplace free from harm by strategically manage risk and create a safety culture.

What we do

Health & Safety

Enhance your occupational health and safety program with our actionable inspection reports and expert guidance.

Environmental risk

Whether your goal is minimizing environmental impact or achieving B Corp or ISO Certification, we've got you covered.

Noise Management & Testing Services

Our expert Acoustic Consultants and Occupational Hygienists are highly qualified and experienced in measuring and managing occupational noise.

Interim HSE outsourcing

The HSE Outsourcing Service has been developed to complement your internal resources or be the ‘part time’ HSE support you are looking for.


We make it our business to discover what people do well. We understand and value excellence. We actively seek ways to be better and stand by our services.


For us, near enough isn’t good enough. We are flexible in our thinking, focused on quality and expect our work to make a lasting difference.


We create tailored, human-centered frameworks for employees to engage in safety and wellbeing at every level because they want to, not because they have to.


We enable organisations to realise their vision of a thriving, healthy workplace free from harm.


Our behaviours are genuine and grounded – we own the outcome. Our decisions are ethical and undertaken with integrity. We respond with feedback and use it to improve. We do what we say we will do and enjoy what we do!


Community and family is strong in our workplace – we stand up for each other. We value respect and are passionate about all of our workplace relationships.


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