We enable organisations to realise their vision of a thriving, healthy workplace free from harm by strategically manage risk and create a safety culture.


Strategically manage risk and create a safety culture.

FRISK Miljöpartner is a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) consulting firm and we set out to be an industry leader in the provision of environment, health & safety services and world leading training qualifications.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing, heavy industries, agricultural, electrical, transport, defence, construction and retail industries, as well as the government sector.

Our success is largely due to our clients trusting us to consistently deliver quality safety solutions and training outcomes.

This experience enables us to provide effective, professional and most importantly, practical advice and solutions to your safety issues and concerns.

Whether conducting a safety audit, conducting a risk assessment, writing procedures or conducting safety training; you can be assured that your safety needs, and those of your clients can be confidently met when you choose us.

In today’s highly regulated and changing health and safety landscape, impartial advice, and assistance from a HSE advisor is invaluable. 

Meet your obligations and create a safer workplace



To be the leading influencer on the vision, mission and values adopted by business regarding workplace health and safety.

We strive to develop leaders who demonstrate strong safety and risk values, and do so through coaching and leadership programs of a strategic nature. As a result, we help shape an HSE and Risk focused culture across the organisation.

Our Mission – Empower business to protect the health and safety of each and every one of their employees.

We do so by influencing key change initiatives. These initiatives include developing practical leadership and communication programs and championing the design of effective and strategic systems and processes. Our mission encompasses adding value beyond the strategic solution, to enable organisational leaders to establish accountability. As a result, this optimises the application of HSE and Risk Management Systems across the organisation.

Our competitive edge – We are able to customise solutions that fit end-to-end

Our approach means we work from the ground, up, so everyone and everything is in sync. We work first-hand with stakeholders and on-ground teams to implement systems and process to ensure success. 

Our applications, processes and systems have streamlined operations across high risk and complex industries. These industries include the energy sector, engineering and construction and defence through to government agencies, transport and logistics and small business.
We work with your team as a combined entity and design solutions that fits your organisations needs.

Our Philosophy

Unlike other approaches, we don’t believe safety is just about compliance.

Of course, workplace safety compliance is central to our service. However, we see it as an opportunity to improve your business processes. In a nutshell, we look for better and safer ways to get the job done.

Our aim is to save your business time and money, whilst reducing injuries and incidents in the workplace.

Our workplace safety consultants achieve this by forming partnerships with clients so that we fully understand operations before any work commences.


Should we talk about how we can help you protect your people and power your business?

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