We use our experience to help you build yours!

FRISK Miljöpartner is a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) consulting firm and we set out to be an industry leader in the provision of environment health and safety services.

We provide Environment, work health and safety services across Scandinavia, even areas who may not have easy access to a safety experts.

We work closely with all levels within your organisation and contractors to identify the key work environment, health and safety initiatives that drive a significant impact on your people and performance.

In association with Astutis Ltd,  we are passionate about reducing workplace harms through quality education, globally, with world leading Health, Safety and Environmental management courses.

With FRISK Miljöpartner as your QHSE business partner, we offer so much more than just compliance; starting with a single point of contact to ensure your safety work is at an optimal level.

We help our clients improve their safety results, meet their work health and safety obligations, develop their safety culture, and most importantly, keep their people safe.

Providing the resources needed to help save lives and companies.

“We understand the needs of small businesses because we are one. We understand the needs of large businesses because we have worked in them.”