IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

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The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management provides the core knowledge and skills needed to improve sustainability practices in your organisation. IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) is a professional body for anyone working or studying in environmental and sustainable sectors.

As global pressures for sustainability in business increase, more employees are taking environmental and sustainability qualifications. Employees with the knowledge and skills to manage environmental issues can support organisations deliver sustainability at all levels. IEMA Environmental qualifications improve your written communication skills, encouraging you to prepare reports and evaluate performance for use at a board level.

The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is aimed at anybody new to the environment and sustainability industries, covering a wide range of environmental, sustainability and governance principles. It provides insight into the importance of sustainability and the management tools needed to improve sustainability practices in your organisation.

Completable in just 5 days, this accredited qualification will provide you with the tools you need to begin or further a career in environmental sustainability, supplying a key foundation of expertise that can be built upon with experience.

Course modules

Module 1

Core Environmental Principles;

1.1 The main natural cycles 1.2 Ecosystem services 1.3 Biodiversity and ecological stability 1.4 The impact of human intervention on natural cycles and ecological systems 1.5 Pollution sources, pathways and receptors 1.6 Climate

Module 2

Sustainability and mega-trends;

2.1 Mega-trends 2.2 Sustainable development and sustainability 2.3 Principles of sustainability business and corporate governance Element

Module 3

Policy and legislation;

Element 3: Policy and Legislation 3.1 The key principles of environmental policy 3.2 Key environmental policy instruments 3.3 Background to environmental legislation 3.4 Examples of criminal law 3.5 Stakeholders and the role of regulators Element 4: Environmental Management Systems.

Module 4

Environmental Management Systems;

4.1 Introduction to environmental management systems 4.2 Key elements of ISO 14001

Module 5

Performance evaluation

 5.1 Data management 5.2 Monitoring performance 5.3 Environmental inspections and audits

Module 6

Additional management and assessment tools

Additional Management and Assessment Tools

Module 7

Communication and the management of change

7.1 Communication 7.2 Corporate reporting 7.3 Green claims 7.4 Management of change.

How long does the course take to complete?

The duration of the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management depends on the method of study.

  • When studied in the classroom, in-house or through virtual classroom learning, the course duration is 5 days.
  • When studied through E-learning, we recommend spending between 35 and 40 hours on the course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing the course, candidates will be able to:
  • Outline the implications of global trends for the environment, for society, for the economy and for organisations
  • Outline sustainable business/governance principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services
  • Outline environmental principles and their relationship with organisations, products and services
  • Outline major policy and legislation and their implications for organisations, products and services
  • Outline major tools, techniques, systems and practices used to improve sustainability performance
  • Outline the role of innovation and other leading practices in developing sustainable products and services and providing sustainable solutions
  • Collect data, perform analysis, and evaluate information
  • Research and plan to provide sustainable solutions
  • Deliver effective communication and capture feedback
  • Engage with stakeholders
  • Outline tools and techniques that identify opportunities and risks
  • Identify and propose ways to improve performance
  • Support change and transformation to improve sustainability

Benefits of achieving the IEMA Foundation Certificate:

For Employers:

  • Raise your bottom line with improved sustainability and resource efficiency
  • Improve your brand by demonstrating your commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Embed the right skills to make your organisation resilient against growing climate change, weather, resource and energy threats
  • Add a new dimension of organisational capability to your team, as staff gain new understanding of environmental management systems like ISO 14001

For Learners:

  • The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management offers you associate membership of IEMA, providing post-nominal letters and networking opportunities with sustainability specialists.
  • Boost your career prospects with an accredited certificate.
  • Contribute confidently to the implementation and continued improvement of environmental sustainability of your organisation.
  • Entitled to Associate membership of IEMA (AIEMA)


The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is assessed at the end of the five days, with a one-hour, open-book, online multiple-choice exam.

From January 2024, the assessments run on a weekly basis, and you will be given a 6 week window of submission. You will be provided login details from IEMA and can login anytime during this window to complete the test, however this must be completed in one sitting. Results are shown immediately after completion.

Successful completion also entitles you to Associate Membership of IEMA (AIEMA), and your first year membership is included in the course costs.

On passing your exam, you will receive a certificate to recognise your achievement and you will be sent details of how to join IEMA as an Associate Member, earning your AIEMA professional suffix and all other benefits that come as being a member of a professional body.

Further study

This course is an excellent precursor to further professional development, including the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management.

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