IEMA Pathways to net Zero


The climate crisis is an urgent issue for everyone. Governments worldwide has set ambitious targets to reach net zero by 2050, and all businesses of all sizes across the globe need to play a part if we are to reach this goal.

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The pressing urgency of the climate crisis necessitates action on all fronts. With governments worldwide setting ambitious targets for achieving net zero emissions by 2050, businesses of every scale must actively engage in the effort.

Introducing the IEMA Pathways to Net Zero course—a comprehensive guide providing clear and consistent direction on optimal responses to the climate crisis. Specifically tailored for supervisors and leaders, this course furnishes both strategic and operational insights into environmental sustainability, customized to suit various industries.

Tailored for businesses embarking on their sustainability journey, this course prioritizes actions towards achieving net zero emissions and carbon neutrality. It presents a compelling business rationale for reducing emissions and offers practical, targeted strategies for decarbonization.

Who should enroll?

Ideal for supervisors and managers across all sectors, this course boasts no formal entry prerequisites. However, candidates are encouraged to hold roles conducive to a thorough understanding of the course material.

Course Duration: 2 days / 10-14 hours

Course Modules:

1. Why Net Zero?
– Understanding net zero and the urgency of climate science
– Overview of UK and international policy

2. Responding to Net Zero
– Exploring risks and opportunities, including business viability and reputation
– Assessing internal capacity for delivering net zero

3. Greenhouse Gas Accounting
– Establishing a greenhouse gas inventory
– Principles of greenhouse gas accounting, including activity data and emission factors

4. Carbon Neutrality
– Definition and application of carbon neutrality for organizations, products, and services

5. Net Zero Methodologies
– Establishing science-based targets and a net zero strategy

6. Developing a Decarbonization Plan
– Implementing a plan with suitable targets and milestones

7. Net Zero Across the Value Chain
– Reducing emissions throughout the value chain

8. Communicating Net Zero
– Effective external communication about climate responses and net zero efforts


The assessment entails an online 20-question multiple-choice test, accessible through the IEMA assessment portal. Upon successful completion, certification is awarded. For those aspiring for further advancement, the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is recommended.

Get ready to chart the course to net zero with confidence and expertise. Join us on the journey towards a sustainable future.

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