IOSH Approved Behavioral Science for Leadership in Safety


How often has it been said that behavioural change is the key to improving performance? This course sets out to do exactly that: change behaviours and improve safety performance. Ideally suited to those who have already completed a formal health and safety course, this is the next step to delivering great results back in the workplace.

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Unlock the potential of behavioural change to enhance performance with our transformative course. Designed to instigate behavioural shifts and elevate safety performance, this course is tailored for individuals who have completed a formal health and safety training and are ready to take the next step in driving impactful results in the workplace.

Geared towards leaders, managers, and supervisors across all industries, the online IOSH Approved Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety course promises to positively influence your behaviour and that of your colleagues. Elevate your influence in the workplace by mastering the core principles of human behaviour and implementing them effectively.

Delivered through Astutis’ exclusive partnership with BSST, this course is curated by renowned Performance Psychologist, Darren Sutton, leveraging his extensive expertise amassed over 20 years of senior management experience in the Health and Safety sector. Each module of the course is personally introduced by Darren through engaging video content. With immediate access upon enrollment, you can commence the course at your convenience.

Completed over 6-8 hours, the course offers flexibility, allowing you to complete it in one session or in smaller intervals over a span of a week or two, including the IOSH assessment.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a digital IOSH certificate, marking your readiness to catalyze change within your organization or beyond.

Course Highlights:

– Six dynamic modules and an online course assessment
– Engaging conversational style throughout
– Introduction of each module by a Performance Psychologist via brief video presentations
– Interactive and user-friendly learning platform
– Insights from experts in specialized areas of safety performance
– Access to academic papers
– IOSH Certificate awarded to every successful delegate

Course Duration: 6 – 8 hours

Course Modules:

Module 1Safety Leadership

What is the impact of leadership and culture? In this module we explore this very thing and get an understanding of the variety of leadership styles, including your own! Also, lets challenge the status quo and find out how we can take different approaches.

Module 2Avoiding Failure or Creating Excellence

Here we challenge the theory that traditional Safety courses give you around accident causation – think Swiss Cheese and Root Cause Analysis. Let’s challenge ourselves to think this through differently because things don’t always happen sequentially, especially where people are involved.

Module 3Key Drivers of Behaviour

What is the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, actions and performance? In this module we get to learn about different behavioural change models to better understand human behaviour as a whole.

Module 4Behavioural Science Relating to Safety Performance

Here we introduce on 3 key steps – Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery and the positive influence that this has on people and their performance in the workplace.

Module 5ABC Analysis

Creating improved behaviours by examining the core principles. This section is all about shifting mindsets.

Module 6Goal Setting

Traditional target setting based on lagging indicators do not always work. Here we look at creating goals that initiate change and benefits that are both scalable and sustainable.


You will need to complete a 45-minute multiple-choice test, consisting of 14 questions. To pass the course, you must achieve a score of at least 9.

Following the multiple-choice test, you will be prompted to upload your KISS statement. A minimum score of 6 out of 9 marks is required to pass the course.

The upload of your Reflective Journal is optional. Consider the principles learned from the program and select those that resonated with you.


How do I access the assessment?

The course assessment is integrated into the online course. Upon completion of all six modules, you will gain access to complete the assessment.

What’s included in the course?

– Six engaging modules and an online course assessment
– Conversational style throughout
– Introduction of each module by a Performance Psychologist via short video
– Interactive and user-friendly learning platform
– Insights from experts in specialized areas of safety performance
– Access to academic papers
– IOSH Certificate awarded to every successful learner

Will the course be useful to me?

This flagship course has been curated by leading Performance Psychologist, Darren Sutton, the sole safety professional worldwide holding an MSc in performance psychology. Darren’s passion lies in empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their utmost potential, having held leadership roles in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Our courses are applicable across all industries and workplaces. Whether you operate in high-risk sectors like rail, construction, or manufacturing, or in retail, nuclear, or healthcare, our courses will aid you and your organization in enhancing safety and health performance.

This course assists exceptional leaders and their organizations in reaching even greater heights. By applying a behavioral safety approach, leaders can transform their team’s attitudes and mindsets from feeling obligated to work safely to desiring to work safely – and ultimately, feeling proud to do so.

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