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Improving business performance through effective safety leadership. IOSH Leading Safely® is designed for those with Health and Safety Leadership responsibilities in any type of organisation in any sector.

IOSH Leading Safely® will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to be an effective leader for health and safety within your organisation.

The IOSH Leading Safely® qualification covers precisely what you need to know to improve productivity, increase profits, enhance corporate reputation and strengthen your brand. Leading from the front with enhanced safety and health practices will allow your principles to trickle down your organisation, turning it into a progressive and heavily compliant haven of success. 

Course duration: The course should take approximately five hours to complete. 

Course Modules

Module 1 - Leadership Characteristics. Leadership CharacteristicsCovers the intangibles to lead effectively.

Module 2 - The Wider Picture. How to integrate leadership skills to establish a successful long term productive atmosphere in your business.

Module 3 - Understanding Current Performance. By understanding and critically evaluating current performance, you will uncover areas of potential improvement.

Module 4 - Building Capability. Covers the practices required to overcome future obstacles and risks in the workplace, for you and your workforce.

Module 5 – Action Planning. Enables learners to understand the actions required to be a pro-active leader in their business.


Action commitment plan - Learners will have to complete a personal commitment (action plan), in which delegates write up to three actions which they commit to taking.

FAQ – How is this course different from the IOSH Managing Safely course?

The IOSH Leading Safely® course differentiates from the IOSH Managing Safely® course by focussing on the fundamental theory of successful leadership, rather than the practical understanding of Health and Safety management. The IOSH Leading Safely course gifts learners the most advanced characteristics leaders require to spearhead productive and safe workforces.

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