IOSH Leading Safely

Improving business performance through effective safety leadership. IOSH Leading Safely® is designed for those with Health and Safety Leadership responsibilities in any type of organisation in any sector.

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Enhancing Business Performance with Effective Safety Leadership: IOSH Leading Safely®

IOSH Leading Safely® is tailored for individuals with Health and Safety Leadership responsibilities across all sectors and organizational types. This comprehensive program equips leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively champion health and safety within their organization.

By undertaking the IOSH Leading Safely® qualification, participants gain insights and understanding essential for fostering a culture of safety and health, thereby driving productivity, profitability, and reputation enhancement. Leading by example in safety practices sets the tone for the entire organization, transforming it into a progressive and compliant environment conducive to success.

Course Duration: Approximately five hours.

Course Modules:

1. Leadership Characteristics: Explores the intangible qualities necessary for effective leadership.
2. The Wider Picture: Integrates leadership skills to establish long-term productivity and success.
3. Understanding Current Performance: Evaluates current performance to identify areas for improvement.
4. Building Capability: Addresses practices required to overcome future obstacles and risks.
5. Action Planning: Guides learners in developing proactive leadership strategies.


Action Commitment Plan: Participants formulate a personal commitment plan outlining up to three actions they pledge to undertake.

FAQ – How does this course differ from IOSH Managing Safely?

IOSH Leading Safely® focuses on core principles of successful leadership rather than practical aspects of Health and Safety management covered in IOSH Managing Safely®. It equips learners with advanced leadership characteristics necessary for spearheading safe and productive work environments.

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