IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation

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The IOSH Managing Safely in Airport and Aviation is the flagship IOSH qualification in airports and aviation. It offers vital insight into health and safety responsibilities and the accountability required to improve your career.

Training employees with this unique, Airport and Aviation sector-specific, IOSH approved certificate assists employers in complying with CAP642 and UK HSE legislative requirements.

The IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation is open to everyone and does not require any prior qualifications or prerequisites. This course is suitable for staff in a line management or supervisory role working for companies involved in both air-side and land-side operations.

Course Duration: 4 days

Course Modules:

Module 1 - Introducing Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation

  • Why is it important to manage safely?
  • What are your responsibilities as a manager?

Module 2 - Assessing Risks

  • What is risk?
  • What is a risk assessment?
  • How are risk assessments carried out?

Module 3 - Controlling Risks 

  • How do you reduce risk?
  • How do you decide which risk control to use?

Module 4 - Understanding Responsibilities

  • What does the law require managers to do?
  • How does the law work?
  • What are the key parts of a health and safety management system?

Module 5 - Understanding Hazards

  • What are common hazards?
  • What can you do about common hazards?

Module 6 - Investigating Incidents

  • How do accidents and incidents happen?
  • How do you carry out an investigation?

Module 7 - Human Factors

  • What are the human factors?
  • How does human failure contribute to the cause of accidents?


Learners will sit a 45-minute multiple choice exam at the end of the course, and a short workplace risk assessment.

You must pass both assessments to achieve your full IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation. Upon successful completion an IOSH approved certificate is awarded.


Are there any entry requirements for the IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation course?

There are no entry requirements to the IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation course. However, it is heavily implied that learners ideally hold the necessary qualifications in the Aviation sector in order to take the very most away from the course.

What will I gain from taking the IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation course

the Learners will benefit from professional education on industry-leading Health and Safety responsibilities and accountability whilst in the air. Those enrolled in the IOSH Managing Safely in Airports and Aviation course, can have an advanced understanding of how to assess and control risks in aviation, ensuring their time in the air is as safe as possible.

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