IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors

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IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors provides a complete understanding of the moral, legal and business case for proactive safety, health and risk management, strategic safety and health management, and its integration into holistic business management systems and procedures - essential for those in corporate positions looking to display exemplary understanding in health and safety.

If you hold a position of senior management or have overall operational or strategic accountability for health and safety in a company, then this course is designed specifically for you. Business leaders have responsibility for determining and implementing effective safety and health management and monitoring its success, so its essential that they understand how to implement a risk management strategy.

The course is designed to help those at the top of a company recognise the importance of health and safety and how their attitudes can trickle down the company ladder and positively influence your business.

This course will help Directors fully understand their personal and corporate liabilities. It is primed with critical knowledge to help Executives better their understanding surrounding health and safety, helping to incorporate a progressive attitude in their business. 

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Modules:

The course involves five key modules. It begins by outlining the many different advantages of a concrete and transparent health and safety system. In the final four modules the course describes how to play a positive role in the system and how your actions will influence others.  The course covers the most relevant and sensitive topics.

Module 1 - The Moral, Legal and Financial Case

Why positive and progressive attitudes towards health and safety can radically improve your business. Learners will work through the following sections:

  • Moral arguments
  • Financial arguments
  • Reputational arguments
  • Reporting system failures
  • Legal requirements
  • Important Legislation
  • The cost of failure 

Module 2 - Plan - How to successfully plan for a health and safety upgrade

A focus on the PLAN phase of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Learners will work through the following sections:

  • The health and safety policy
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Priorities, plans and targets
  • How to identify and manage risks
  • Emergency planning
  • Necessary resources
  • The importance of consulting with employees

Module 3 - Do - How to implement the health and safety system and have it improve business

A focus on the DO phase of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Learners will work through the following sections

  • The Do stage
  • Top-down communication
  • Engaging the workforce
  • The importance of high quality training
  • Developing standards of procurement
  • Control

Module 4 - Check - How to monitor health and safety performance

A focus on the CHECK phase of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Learners will work through the following sections:

  • The check stage
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring
  • Reactive measurement
  • Proactive measurement
  • Where to obtain information
  • Ensuring key outcomes

Module 5 - Act - How to improve health and safety performance A focus on the ACT phase of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Learners will work through the following sections:

  • The Act stage
  • Strong and visable leadership
  • Committement to social responsibility
  • Celebrating good performance
  • Corporate governance
  • Continuous improvement 


The course is assessed by three actionable commitments intended to improve the learner’s own performance and the risk management strategy of the business.

At the end of this course you will write a personal commitment/action plan relating to the learning on the course; you must write up to three actions that you commit to taking in your workplace, appropriate to your level of responsibility. Upon successful completion you will receive an IOSH approved certificate.

Benefits to learners

  • Understand your responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace
  • Recognise the importance of integrating health and safety objectives and strategies
  • Enable benchmarking of your performance aand identify good practice from similar businesses
  • Shape your health and safety vision and identify how to acheive it

Benefits to the organisation:

  • Create a good health and safety culture, reduce accident rates, absences and sick leave
  • Ensure health and safety is considered in strategic planning and decision-making
  • Health and safety management is driven through all levels of the company
  • Improve reputation among supplier, clients and partners



Who is this course suited for? 

This IOSH course is suitable for senior management, senior leaders, executives, directors and even CEOs who have a strategic responsibility for establishing a safe and healthy working culture in an organisation in any sector and of any size.

Are there any entry requirements for this course?

There are no formal entry requirements for the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course. However, to take the most away from the course, it is strongly recommended that learners are currently in an executive or director role, or plan on transitioning into an executive or director role.

How can the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course benefit me and my organisation?

The IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course can amplify the standards and the reputation of your business by embedding an industry-leading health and safety understanding at the very top of your organisation. The course educates on how to successfully allow that understanding to trickle down into the fabric of your organisation, ensuring your staff and organisation are positively influenced.

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