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IOSH Working Safely® is an entry-level course which provides key health and safety training to employees across your organisation, enabling them to work safely and effectively. 

IOSH Working Safely® is a crucial short course designed for employees across all industry sectors who require a foundational understanding of health and safety principles. The IOSH Working Safely® course is recognised globally and provides workers at all levels with essential health and safety knowledge.

It fulfils employer obligation to provide proper training, as well as health and safety awareness to employees so that they can minimise the risks they face in the workplace. In turn, this minimises the risk of fines and legal issues that may arise from workplace injury.

Developed by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the course teaches to the high standard of Health and Safety promoted by this globally chartered body, providing employees with practical, jargon-free knowledge and skills that they can apply effectively to the workplace.

As an international safety certificate grounded on best practices, the IOSH Working Safely course provides a comprehensive awareness of general workplace hazards. This course focuses not only on identifying potential risks but also on understanding why health and safety protocols are pivotal to the wellbeing of individual workers and their colleagues. By instilling this understanding, the course aims to promote a proactive approach to health and safety among employees.

On completion of the course, participants receive the IOSH Working Safely certificate. This certification serves as an affirmation of the participant's understanding of key health and safety principles and their ability to apply them in the workplace. It's a valuable addition to any professional's portfolio, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Who is the IOSH Working Safely® Course suitable for?

IOSH Working Safely® is suitable for staff at all levels of a business, no matter their level of seniority.

Course modules 

IOSH Working Safely includes 4 units of study:

  • Module 1: Introducing working safely. This unit will intergrate learners on to the course by introducing the core principles of working safely.
  • Module 2: Defining hazard and risk. This module will focus on the understanding different hazards and risks It introduces learners to the most common risks in the workplace and how to group and define them.
  • Module 3: Identifying common hazards. This unit provides learners with the knowledge required to identify all workplace risks to help protect workplace safety. Unit M3 introduces learners to the philosophies to find and label any potential hazard in their workplace.
  • Module 4: Improving safety performance. This unit covers a comprehensive area in how to improve safety in your workplace.

How long does the course takes: 

Online: approx 4-8 hours (6 months access provided)

On-site: 1 day


There is a two-part assessment, consisting of a short 20-minute multiple choice section, and 10-minute hazard spotting exercise.

On successful completion of the assessment you will be awarded an IOSH Certificate.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, candidates will be able to do the following:

  • Appreciate the importance of risk management in the workplace
  • Be aware of workplace health and safety in line with UK legislation
  • Identify common hazards and risks
  • Know how to make a difference to the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others

In what ways is the difference between IOSH Managing Safely? 

The main difference between the IOSH Working Safely and the IOSH Managing Safely courses is that, the IOSH Working Safely applies more to general staff, whilst IOSH Managing Safely applies to supervisory and managerial staff.

This is reflected in the course content too, as IOSH Working Safely focuses on basic safety performance and hazard identification. Meanwhile, the IOSH Managing Safely course casts a forensic lens over the overall management of Health and Safety.

When do I receive my results and certificate?

You should receive the results and, provided you have passed, your IOSH Certificate up to 6-10 weeks after completing the course.

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