NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award

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The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award Qualification (NEBOSH HSA) provides the perfect introductory qualification for people who need an understanding of the principles of health and safety in their role. It enables organisations to improve the safety culture, reduce accidents and increase costs savings.

It is also suited to individuals looking for a good understanding of Workplace health & safety or who are looking to start a career in Health and Safety. The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award is recognised by employers and professional memberships in over 180 countries around the world! It underlines clear responsibilities within the health and safety department in your business.

The course comprises two central units that will cover critical topics such as health and safety responsibilities and fundamental control measures to preserve a safe working environment.

Learners gain knowledge and practical skills that enable:

The understanding why health and safety needs to be managed, ensuring effective processes are in place.

  1. The ability to inspect the workplace, recognising hazards, evaluating risk and recommending control measures.
  2. The understanding of why accidents happen and how to investigate them.


Course duration: 23 hours.

Course Modules:

Module 1

Why and how you manage health and safetyUnderstand why health and safety needs to be managed and ensure effective processes are in place.

Module 2

Dealing with common workplace hazardsUnderstand different risks and hazards in the workplace and begin to evaluate risk.

Module 3

Stopping incidents and ill-health before they happenRecognise control measures and how to use them whilst implementing actions to counter the hazard.

Module 4

Learning from incidentsUnderstand why accidents happen and how to stop them.

By applying the knowledge and skills gained from the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work qualification, you will be able to contribute to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. 


This course is assessed with a workplace health and safety review for Unit HSA1. This will include;

  1. Considering how health and safety is managed, and how it could be done better.
  2. Identifying health and safety issues, how they are controlled and if the risk can be reduced. 3. Selecting the most important issue for improvement.

This assessment must be carried out at your own workplace, or at a suitable premises if this is not possible.

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