NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction

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The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction is a leading risk and safety management qualification for the construction industry. It will give you the skill, knowledge and confidence to manage and reduce risk on a construction site.

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction is recognised by employers and professional memberships in over 180 countries around the world!

It has been designed to be relevant to the construction industry and covers a wide variety of topics including health and safety, environmental management, communication skills, risk management and sustainability. It's the ideal course if you want to take the initial steps into construction management.

The qualification is aimed at or anyone who manages construction health and safety as part of their role. The course will give you an understanding of all health and safety responsibilities requirements and particular duties of the latest construction industry regulations.

The Construction Certificate is aimed at Managers, Supervisors  or anyone  working in construction or in a related industry such as building maintenance or estate management (including contractors). It can also be useful for those working in other areas such as project management or purchasing who may not have direct involvement in site work but still need to understand how construction works and how they can ensure their projects run smoothly.

The qualification has also secured recognition from the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) for its UK construction qualification holders. The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK) has been updated to a Level 7 qualification to ensure future learners gain a qualification that gives them recognition from CSCS.

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate is a valuable certification to have. It's an opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience in your field. Not only does it help you advance your career, but it's also a great way to show future employers that you're serious about the type of work you do.

Course. Duration: 116 hours online, 10 days Virtual.

Course Module:

The course is made up of one central unit CN1: Managing Construction Health and Safety. The unit covers 13 elements and covers critical construction health and safety issues, including CDM regulation, risk assessment and management, safety culture, and hazard control.


The CN1 open book exam is completed electronically and submitted through the NEBOSH exam portal. You will have 48 hours from 11am (UK time) on exam day to complete and submit your exam paper.
You will be presented with a scenario describing a realistic workplace and situation, and will be asked to carry out a series of tasks using the scenario provided and your knowledge gained throughout your learning and revision.

You must successfully pass this unit in order to achieve your full NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction qualification. A closing interview, asking questions about your submission completes the assessment.

The exam itself is rigorous, but it's also worth it. This certificate opens up many opportunities for construction professionals on both sides of the Atlantic!

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